Get into the Strike Zone... Don't get snagged on the bottom

    Provide a natural Bait presentation... Increase the number of fish you catch!
Friday, August 18, 2017



Get into the STRIKE ZONE... Don’t get snagged on the bottom...Provide a natural bait presentation... INCREASE the number of fish you catch! 

Over the past decade Rivers West Manufacturing, LLC has been committed to thorough and constant research and development to perfect the art of bait floaters.

PUFF BALLS® float clusters of bait off the bottom of the river or lake and directly into the fishing STRIKE ZONE. They are the only flotation device that neutralizes hook weight, provides a natural bait presentation, and keeps your fish hook from getting snagged on the bottom all in one package. Just think, NO more lost bait or break offs and that means more fishing time.

PUFF BALLS® are an attractor that makes your bait presentation highly visible in all water conditions and depths. Our custom colors increase the number of fish that bite as well as their aggressiveness. 

All eleven PUFF BALL® colors have been custom designed and manufactured with just the right mixtures of fluorescents, pearl essence, and special color pigments.

PUFF BALLS® provide the right colors, sizes and shapes to give you the catching advantage in all conditions.